CYCLISTS in Peebles are being put in danger due to the state of the roads, according to the secretary of the town’s cycling club.

Potholes persist as a problem despite Scottish Borders Council (SBC) spending £9.6m in the past three years – more than any other UK local authority – to battle the issue.

Peebles Cycling Club secretary John Miroslaw said the quality of the region’s roads could put off riders returning to the Borders.

“Cyclists in Peebles are experiencing some dangerously potholed roads,” he said.

“With potholes being more prevalent towards the verges, beyond the danger of falling off by going into the hole, there is also the danger of trying to avoid them by moving towards the centre of the carriageway and subsequently being hit from behind. 

“Such a poor state of our roads will definitely discourage the return of riders.”

The chairman of Peebles Community Council said that Peeblesshire prided itself on being a “cycle-friendly region”.

But Peter Maudsley said that the state of the roads posed a “serious hazard” and members of the public had been in touch with the group about the pothole problem.

Writing in his chairman’s report, he said: “The worst road damage is usually near the verges and this creates a serious hazard for cyclists and motorcyclists.”

Mr Maudsley said he understood the financial constraints that the council was under and that potholes were a nationwide issue.

He added that he would support a council tax rise if that resolved the issue.

“However, no one can be ignorant of the terrible state of our roads, and that includes SBC councillors and officers,” said Mr Maudsley. “They, like us, must drive on the roads themselves.

“This is not just a cost item for SBC or indeed a potentially expensive damage item for us.

“It is very much also a health and safety item for the public at large.

“The photo of a deep pothole near the edge of a Borders road is not an isolated item, it is very much the norm, even on the main roads.

“In wet weather, the surface water may or may not hide a deep hole.

“I have driven on third world roads and some of these are far superior to ours.”

SBC was asked for a comment.