PEEBLES' traditional funfair in Victoria Park has been moved due to the ground being waterlogged.

Showman’s vehicles started arriving on Tuesday and yesterday evening were parked up in the recently resurfaced Kingsmeadows Car Park where it will now take place.

Tweeddale East Councillor Julie Pirone led the Scottish Borders Council response when it was discovered Victoria Park is waterlogged.

She said: “The funfair has been relocated due to the awful ground conditions leading to safety concerns.

“Today (Wednesday) I organised and convened a special meeting to ensure that concerns from residents could be addressed and so that everyone can still enjoy the funfair.

“I am grateful to officers for their diligent work on this emerging situation and for the funfair operator who has taken on board the concerns of local people and made changes to its operation.

“It is a true example of everyone working together.”

Lindsey Hastie who lives opposite the car park said: “I have huge vehicles, generators and machinery less than 30 feet outside my house that have been running most of the day and are very noisy, this is before funfair actually starts.”

Ms Hastie said that following the Wednesday meeting Tweeddale East councillor Marshall Douglas made the following statement: “Local councillors, council officers and licensing officials have met and agreed the following with the fair operator.

“The funfair will operate from 6.15pm to 8.30pm, Thursday and Friday; and 2pm to 8.30pm, Saturday.

“If it is quiet they will end earlier.

“The rides nearest the road will have there backs to the houses and therefore the light will shine towards the river.

“All the operators have been instructed to keep the music to a minimum with the speakers facing towards the ride as opposed to into the car park.

“They will undertake to monitor the noise level towards the houses.

“Generators will be used to a minimum (several are noise reduction generators).

“They will move their own vehicles not required, including three lorries out of Kingsmeadows car park to Cavalry Park.

“At the conclusion at 8.30pm on Saturday they will begin to dismantle the equipment however they will not go past 10pm.

“They intend to vacate the car park by 1pm on Sunday.”