THE future of one of Tweeddale’s traditional summer events could be at risk if a full committee is not formed.

The Walkerburn Summer Festival is set to take place from June 23.

But current organisers say that the annual celebration is at risk of being lost if the community does not get more involved.

Dawn Rodger, who is treasurer on the festival committee, says that while a lot of the event’s planning is completed for this year, 2025’s offering and beyond could be in jeopardy.

Last week the committee held its AGM which saw four current volunteers and two members of the public attend.

Ms Rodger told the Peeblesshire News: “We had our AGM trying to get new committee but it’s a bit like banging my head against brick wall.”

In an effort to encourage more villagers to get involved, a Facebook post has been published with the details of a second AGM to be held on Wednesday, April 17.

“It’s soul destroying when trying to do things for kids,” Ms Rodger added.

“People aren’t willing to come out and do things.

“I’ve not got kids or grandkids in the school now and I’ve been doing this since 2009.

“I feel a bit despondent.”

The current committee is facing pressures as the chairman – who also acted as the group’s secretary – recently stood down, and Ms Rodger is looking to step away later this year.

While a replacement secretary has been found, other important roles remain vacant.

Ms Rodger shared that she and the committee is grateful for the offers of support and volunteers in response to her Facebook post, however, she stressed the importance of the community engaging with their appeal for new committee members.

She said: “Walkerburn Summer Festival is the highlight of the year in the village.

“We’re such small village here, over 600 stay here.

“You would think we would at least get a full committee and an extra 10 helpers, but we’re not getting the response.

“People are willing to help but don’t want to be on committee.”

The second AGM next week at 6.30pm in the Henry Ballantyne Club will seek to fill committee positions for this year and next – a failure to form a full committee will pose a threat to the festival’s future.