HOLDERS Watsonians retained the Edinburgh Woollen Mill rugby sevens on Saturday at Milntown to strengthen their claim for the Ned Haig Kings of the Sevens title by defeating Kelso in the final.

But the crowd will remember more of Watsonians’ semi-final extra-time victory over Boroughmuir as being worthy of the final on its own.

It was all credit to Kelso, though, who played a tie less after Hawick Harlequins followed Murrayfield Wanderers’ withdrawal from the tournament.

The Poynder Park side went on to shock Melrose and Jed-Forest, but despite an extra game and the toughest of all semi-finals, Watsonians crushed the Borderers to show the gulf between the divisions.

Two tries from Lewis Berg and one by Rory Steele, all converted by Ali Harris, gave Watsonians a 21-0 interval lead.

It was one-way traffic after the break as Chris Bell touched down. Frankie Robson scored a consolation score for Kelso before Fox went over at the other end for the final to end 31-7.

This came after a dramatic extra-time 29-24 semi win against Boroughmuir thanks to a score from Ewan Fox.

Earlier Watsonians had defeated Border Park and Langholm while Kelso accounted for two Borders hopefuls.

In an afternoon of shocks, the Ned Haig Kings leaders Edinburgh Accies, Melrose and Jed-Forest all crashed out.

Gala were easy winners over Earlston before falling to Boroughmuir; Selkirk capitulated also to Boroughmuir; while Hawick shocked Accies, but that was to end their challenge.

Watsonians moved ahead in the Kings table with 38 points followed by Edinburgh Accies on 30 and Boroughmuir 27.

Results: First round. Edinburgh Accies 5, Hawick 17; Jed-Forest bye, Murrayfield Wanderers pulled out; Melrose 27, Peebles 0; Kelso bye, Hawick Harlequins pulled out; Watsonians 24, Border Park 0; Powerbombs 19, Langholm 21; ; Boroughmuir 35, Selkirk 10; Earlston 0, Gala 32.

Second round. Hawick 12, Jed-Forest 31; Melrose 12, Kelso 19; Watsonians 52, Langholm 0; Boroughmuir 40, Gala 10.

Semi-finals. Jed-Forest 21, Kelso 26; Watsonians 29, Boroughmuir 24 after extra time.

Final. Kelso 7, Watsonians 31.

Wooley, R. McLean.

Watsonians: C. McGill, C. Scott (replacement K. Young), M. Fedo, A. Harris, S. McKean, L. Berg, R. Steele, C. Bell, E. Miller, E. Fox.

Kelso: F. Robson, M. Kindness, C. Brown, L. Herdman, K. Dryden, M. Hastie, M. Wilson, C. Dods, A. Tait, G. Millar.